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I know the feeling too well. You feel like you’re: 

  • Stuck, frustrated, and disconnected 

  • Juggling too many things

  • Exhausted 

  • Overwhelmed

  • Constantly in “giving mode”

  • Being pulled in all sorts of directions, and

  • Left with an empty cup


Since becoming a mum, life as you knew it has changed 360 degrees plus, and you’re now wondering “Who am I? What is going on with me?” 


And you’re looking for a change.


Maybe you’ve tried a thing or two, but it hasn’t been right for you and you don't know where to start looking again. It’s not like the transition and shifts that we mothers go through are talked about openly… 


What if you feel judged for what you’re thinking or feeling? Or perhaps, you’re feeling so overwhelmed that you don’t know if you’ll ever have time to find clarity. 


I get it. Change is a big thing, and it is hard. But imagine your life when you realise you’re now unstoppable


How great would it be to live the life of a Mama that you’ve designed for yourself?


I’d like to show you how to do just that.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is therapy on speed. 

With RTT you have the opportunity to go into a state of deep relaxation and dig out unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions and rewire with the life you want to be living. Let the life you want blossom. 


RTT changes beliefs at the subconscious level, where 95% of your life data is held and that’s where the influencers of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions are filed. 

A powerful guided dialogue with the subconscious mind identifies the Why? Why are you feeling like this? How did you get to be like this? 


There’s always a cause to our problems. Because we weren’t born with fears and phobias, with limiting beliefs and low self esteem. Babies aren’t born with lack of confidence, or low self-belief. We acquire all these things somewhere, somehow on our journey of life.  


The Results


This journey is designed to take you inward and shine a light on how you want to live a better version of yourself.  In as little as one session, you can experience profound shift.


You can expect to: 


  • Have a deeper understanding of yourself. Understanding is Power. When you understand the root-cause of behaviours, you are empowered to respond mindfully.

  • Free yourself from the unwanted limiting beliefs 

  • Create a deep connection to yourself, your body and soul. 

  • Live a truly joyful life


Who This Is For


This is for you if…  


  • You’re a mama looking to live your life on your terms, to be the Mother you’ve wanted to be. 

  • You’re seeking to reconnect with yourself, but are unsure where to start. 



Rediscovering You

A personalized experience that combines one private mentorship session with one hypnotherapy session so that you can deepen self-understanding and free yourself from a core block. 



Empowering You

A 90 days personalized experience that combines 9 private mentorship sessions with 3 hypnotherapy sessions so that you can deepen self-understanding and free yourself from upto 3 core blocks, stories, beliefs and challenges.


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