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Rediscovering You

Your Rediscovering Experience

Be curious about yourself.

28 day Experience


An integrated mentorship and hypnotherapy experience that includes 1x 90min. Clarity session and 1x 2hr hypnotherapy session.


Single Clarity Session (90 min.)

You clarity session is designed to provide:

  • A safe and nonjudgmental space to feel calm, relaxed and free to express.

  • A grounding exercise

  • Discussion about the issues which seem to be rising to the surface for you, like:

    • Blocks, 

    • Challenges, and 

    • Limitations 

  • Guidance while prioritising which issue would be beneficial to address in the hypnotherapy experience

  • Envisioning the life you want to design for yourself 


Single Hypnotherapy Experience 

In the comfort of your own home, in a deeply relaxed state of being, you will be guided to dive into your subconscious mind to find the answers to what is holding you back from living a life with abundance, clarity and empowerment.


A bespoke transformation recording will be given at the end of the session- to be listened to every day for 21 days (twice is best!)

Follow Up Session (30mins)

After your hypnotherapy Experience, we’ll meet again to discuss:


  • What’s shifted for you 

  • What’s changed

  • What is still challenging/lingering and needs a deeper dig

*All sessions are led virtually

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