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Empowering you

Meet Empowering You

This journey is all about You.

90 days Experience.

An integrated coaching and hypnotherapy experience that includes 1x 90min Clarity session, 3x 2hr Hypnotherapy sessions and 9x 1hr sessions tailored to your needs.


Clarity Session:

  • This journey is all about you and this is your safe and nonjudgmental space to feel calm, relaxed and free to express

  • Start the session with a Grounding exercise

  • Talk about the issues which seem to be rising to the surface: Her internal blocks, challenges and limitations 

  • Prioritise the issue to address in the hypnotherapy experience

  • The vision she wants to design for herself and her life



3x Hypnotherapy Experience

In the comfort of your own home, in a deeply relaxed state of being, we will investigate your subconscious to find the answers to what is challenging you so that you can sail through motherhood with abundance, clarity and empowerment. 


Each session will be focused on one core opportunity for growth and transformation. An in a series, each hypnotherapy experience builds on and supports the last.


A bespoke transformation recording will be given at the end of the session - to be listened to every day for 21 days (twice is best!)

9x Coaching Sessions (1 hr each)

The additional benefit of the weekly coaching is it keeps you on track & provides you with the support you need when you meet resistance on the road to transformation.


Follow Up Session (30mins)

 After your hypnotherapy Experience, we’ll meet again to discuss:


  • What’s shifted for you 

  • What’s changed

  • What is still challenging/lingering and needs a deeper dig


*All sessions are led virtually

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