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My Story

My Story: From Successful Architect & World Traveller to Mother & Entrepreneur


Working as an Architect for nearly 20 years, my identity was almost completely wrapped around my career. The corporate world was all I knew. I was happy travelling the world and living a shiny busy life. It gave me all the things I wanted - so I thought. 


When my first son was born, I naively expected motherhood to just fit nicely into my life. Just slot in like all the other changes. But the reality of it was it is so much bigger than I ever imagined. Not only did it not fit into my life ‘like all the other changes’, it actually changed me. 


I thought motherhood was only about the baby and learning about different stages of development. I’d done a couple of courses preparing me for the birth and the first few weeks of life with a newborn, but nothing had even remotely hinted at the changes that I, a mama, would be transitioning through. 


It’s huge. It’s complex. And I wish I had someone to guide me. 


With each birthday we celebrated, more would be revealed about the depth and range of changes I was going through. Very quickly I became aware that I wasn’t just going to bounce back into my old self, and continue living the patterns and routines I was comfortable living with.


Every day, I wondered… Where do I even start? 


I felt lost. I felt disconnected to myself. I felt I wasn’t good enough. And at the same time, I couldn't do more. 

I wished someone had told me that this is what motherhood is about - stretches you and pulls you in all the unimaginable directions you won’t think of.


Eventually I accepted that I was changing and needed help - growing and developing, and that was ok! I was becoming a mother for the first time, after all. I couldn’t expect to have all the answers.


My journey of rediscovering me started right here. 


I was open and curious to learn more about myself. I knew it took commitment and that I had to step out of my comfort zone. I dipped my toes into talk therapy which was helpful to a degree, but I knew I needed to go deeper. 

Why was I being triggered when my son didn’t agree with me? Or when he so confidently answered back? Why couldn’t I handle his Big Emotions?


I knew things deep down needed to be stirred and old roots dug out. I knew Motherhood was a chance for me to bloom. 


For almost 2 years, I embarked on a spiritual healing journey which introduced me to various modalities like EFT, Inner child work, breath work, journaling, guided meditations.


It was an investment with great outcomes. 

Most notably, these couple of years taughted me the importance of Embodying change and living a conscious life.


I learned so much about myself and a whole new world opened up to me. I began to work through my unresolved traumas and anger, and I got some good answers. But I reached a point where I needed to connect on a much deeper level to myself.


So when I came across Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and seriously amazing Transformational Coaching, I was so excited. For me, rediscovering myself and learning life-changing embodiment techniques have been magical, with lasting effect. I have worked through many of my triggers and traumas and have found a deeper sense of strength and nourishment in mind, body and soul. I've bloomed into the mother and person I want to be.


On some level, I noticed the changes in me almost immediately. I am the calm in the storm. Don’t get me wrong, I still live through hurricanes, but it’s far less frequent and most importantly I’ve learnt how to cope. Through having a deeper understanding of myself, I feel empowered and a strong sense of certainty.


I have:


  • Learnt to trust my inner intuition.

  • Let go of 'shoulds', and what people will think.

  • Let go of the 'what ifs..'.

  • Found my voice to set boundaries. 

  • Let go of the anxiety and stress.

  • Leaned into myself and live in the comfort of my intuition and innate wisdom.

  • Developed powerful relationships with my children and family because I've developed a powerful relationship with myself.


I now have unshakeable confidence and I like what I see in the mirror! 


I’ve made it a priority to live the best version of myself, especially when I have the responsibility of raising two human beings who are constantly (and when I say constantly, I mean constantly!) observing and learning. Being a role model comes with immense responsibility.


While I am forever learning and growing, I appreciate that a deeper understanding of myself has taught me how to handle situations better, and move forward in life with a strong sense of curiosity.


And inside? I am calmer. I have certainty. I step onto stable ground with confidence and real self assurance. And I want the same for you.

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